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The new blog!!! (2007-2008)
Last winters' adventures (2007)

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Bituun, the burning of last years' bad stuff.
Greeting the sunrise of New Year.
loading 11 Ger in to the container
a picture-page, with Dutch comments...

I did some 'grave-digging to find traces of the Balloon-Company visit in 1996...
And keep seeing these miscellaneous details of which I think: If only the world knew...
I was able to photograph and measure a real Kazakh Ger, which is pitched in tha park as an exhibit of Kazakh customs...

I found two books on Mongolian Ger, not surprisingly quite dissapointing in content..

The first thing you do when in Mongolia:
Visit to the Narantuul-Market, that sells everything, from clothes to ger-parts.
After a stay of a few days we set out into the countryside, on the way to Looda.
We checked on a really BIG GER in Harhorin.
We visited Erdene Zuu, for the book.
And then we hitch-hiked to Bad-Ulzii, where supposedly the best Han in Mongolia are made. We found none, so continued instead to Looda.
We swam in the waterfall, but forgot the camera...
On the way back to UB we stumbled (tired, overheated) into a nice small Naadam.
And then back to UB it was..
Not all Ger in Mongolia are perfect, we shot a few with minor to major problems...
This is the wettest summer in Mongolia ever, as anybody here can remember. It rains nearly every day, not very long, about half an hour to two hours, but the amount of water is incredible. So doors jam, wheels start to fall apart, the seam between tonoo and canvas is not waterproof, felted walls begin to sag etc...
We were called by our old friend Mash to help set up a 'really antique' ger he got, in what used to be the billiard-room of his house in Yarmag.
It is at least 40 yers old, maybe 60. He say 100, but I doubt that. It is from South-Mongolia, and has the Un hinged to the wheel.

I went to check on two BIG GER in UB, here's the details.

I did some walking around with the camera, these are standard-ger I found worth documenting:

When in UB, we prefer to stay at Gana's Guest House, because it is very central, the atmosphere is loose, and it has these ger pitched atop the roof!
During the national Festival of Naadam, there is not much to do in the city, since everything is closed for a week, so Gabriel and me, we thought it would be fun to have our own Ger at the horse-races, 30 kms out of town, so we set up 'Hassan"s Guest-House: at the race-fields.
There is also a huge SNACK-AREA, where some 60 ger are pitched in strict order to cater to the needs of up to half-a-million spectators...
Of which you can see a few GENERAL IMPRESSIONS here..
Together with Sukhe I sought out Wood-Factory No.2, or 'Modne Heur'. Not much hope to order a ger there...

Here's one of the good gers they used to produce..

We made a two-day-trip to the famous Huustai-Nuruu National Park, where the last remaining free WILD horses are being re-introduced. We hiked, admired the ger Maxima slept in, (no pictures) and saw THE TAKHI, as they are called here. And we got very sore feet, too much hiking up-and-down mountains with back-packs. We slept in a piece-of-shit-ger, with thousands of BUGS to bother us all night.
We GoogleEarth a lot, just to get around town, here's some bookmarks for you: