Mongolian Ger-Books:
Walking around town browsing souvenir-shops I stumbled upon these books:
Both are Mongolian-written, with (bad) but somewhat adequate English translation.
Both suffer a bit from the overly nationalistic tendency to prove that today's Mongolian ger is the only and best Yurt in the world.
Both are full of hand-made watercolours, and (photoshopped) photo's, mostly redundant.
Author B.Myagmarbayar, illustrations by D.Myagmarsuren.
Published 2006.
62 pages A5, FullColour
Sponsored and distributed by ASHMON-ART, tel. 450816 in UB.
Mongolian manufacturer of souvenirs.
I paid $8.
Small, thin booklet about the history of Mongolian ger. Lots of hand-drawn pictures, not much reliable historic information, and quite often very speculative.
'How to put up a ger', author and illustrations B. Bayarsaikhan, published by BITPRESS LTD, 2006. tel 311322 in UB.
94 pages, A5, FullColour.
I paid $15, far too much.

One step short of achieving what it promises, still a helpfull book if you have to put up an original Mongolian ger.
No mention of how to make a ger, and the chapter on history-of-ger is full of the usual assumptions and exaggerations.

As with everything in mongolia today, a bad copy is considered worth more than a good original. And as long as tourists buy it, the're right.