Standard Gers which I found interesting enough to document
Tulga's 'Wood-Faktory-No-2' 5-Han
Tulga ordered this ger at the ailing Wood-Factory-No-2, in 2002. Unpainted, frame only, and did the rest himself with wife and kids. It has 83 Un, 5x15 plus 8 on the door.
The factory did not make Han themselves anymore, they bought them in Batt-Ulzii.
It is covered with first-class countryside felt, canvas and cotton cover.
Especially the Un are impressive, 42 mm at the bottom, nice shouldering into the square tops. Holes in the Tonoo are wonderfully precise, all Un go in 20 mm.
Tonoo is pegged all the way through, now slowly creating problems, de-laminating.
Tulga's ger is the only one I have seen with a floor not much bigger than the Ger. Little blocks stop the Han from sliding.
Ger-Tereg-5-wall carved.
Ger-Tereg is a relatively new company making ger totally in UB, industrial style. They pitched two in front of the State-departement-Store, THE place to sell in UB. This is the standard 5-wall they pitched, the 8-wall that was there before and during Naadam escaped my research.
Ger-Tereg obiously have a router with a copying-attachement, which they use for almost anything... They build their whole Ger from 'Nars', mongolian for 'pine', which is mostly Douglas.
Un are rounded on a stationary router-table, a process which relies totally on fixed-dimension wood.
Han-slats are cut-sawn, as opposed to split, and rounded off on router-table. Reasonable thumbs they make. They are not very specific in quarter-sawn or flat-sawn wood.
Knots or 'OUDIR' are hide, and hidden with brass nails (or not!).
Double inner doors see to be standard in up-market-ger, we found them a hassle, but Mongolians like them.
Privately-made 5-wall
Cruising the city, I found this 5-wall 'Airag-ger', which is a shop selling fresh Airag to by-passers.
Two aspects make this ger interesting:
The decorations are hand-carved into the massive wood (Douglas), and the absence of ropes holding Tonoo and Bagan together: The upper of the two horizontals of the Bagan is fixed to the Tonoo, the lower pins into it!