Miscellaneous photo's and facts
I keep seeing things of which I think: Jeez-louise, check that!
On the back of a big 4-wheel-drive, somewhere in front of us, at the traffic-light:
(for english-only: Best design of the century)
And then there is the BLUE GRASS, just somewhere in between the other 20 colours of green.
Kids practising in the back of Djoghchin-lama-temple, for the 'shaman-dance' later that day.
In the centre of the shopping-mall, this monument for GER, supported by the three silver pillars of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Why they used a Oirat-wheel I could not find out. Diameter 6 meter, high 12.
They have a market for everything, such as here, the 'sand'market'.

Sand is expensive, but everybody is building like crazy, so it is good business.

And then one day you hear familiar tunes on the street, and it's 'The Tall-Bike-Circus'! They actually cycled most of the way, and are here seen performing in front of the main gate of Gandan. No bikes in this pic though, too dangerous in UB. They continued their journey to China. By bike through the Gobi...
Some things make me really happy, like this Tootz (little shop) near the cinema, so much attention to detail, at least somebody is paying attention here.
And just when you think peace-loving Buddist Monks are going to take over the country, you find this one in an Internet-cafe, playing 'War-Zone' online...