This is the Ger we used at Naadam, an Oirat-Ger from western Mongolia, small-8-Han as they say, 7 Han with 10 Tulogh, and one with 9(!). Plus 7 on the door...
The whole frame is from a Douglas-like PINE, dressed saplings.
Han are really strong, and NOT SLOPING INWARD...
Wheel is very thin, 1.80 dia, inner and outer sides dressed with steel sheet.
Un are 2.60, tapered saplings, thin side up. 8 un were missing...
Door-frame is of LYING-dimension-timber, with panel UNDER the door, probably to achieve more squareness.
There it is, on the truck. We loaded it ourselves, NMH-style, which greatly surprised our Mongolian friends.
Han-to-Door connection is with a full slot, a separate plank nailed to the inside of the standard-doorframe. Ring for inner Buss nicely fits in between two han-slats.
Close-up of wheel shows metal strip covering inside and outside of big ring. Maybe the original holes were so badly worn, this was an easy solution.
Ceiling and felts were quite standard, even nearly all of the neccesary ropes were there!
It is real countryside-made felt, more than 30 mm thick in some places.
The newly made canvas was more of a problem: Try to fit a standard 5-wall-canvas over a small-eight-wall Oirat! Note the horizontal seam on the roof, the canvas is supposed to hang down from there, being caught under the first outer buss...
The front-canvas had the same problem, PLUS the hole in the top was far too small, it hung 20 cm OVER the Tonoo.... So one of the nieghbors clambered up the outside with a knife..
Strange enough, the opening in the outer Cover was to size. We used it as a guide to cut the brand-new canvas to size.
The cover has been WASHED!!! specially for us, so it shrunk. No way it was gonna overlap in the back. To the suggestion of our Mongolian neighbors we sew it shut. And all of this clambering around on extremely thin and fragile-looking douglas-UN. The Urgh covering this ger was a real piece of art, with curves and decorations in the 'OLD GHENGIS STYLE'.
Concluding with a few pics from the completed ger.

Beautiful inner Buss, painted (but faded) red han, blue/green tips on the Un, Thin wheel, fragile small-horses, interesting pattern of these. All in all a very light, but flexible ger. The super-thick felt really shows what it is for, muscle.

In pitching this Ger we learned three nice new tricks:
1: If you have to deal with not enough Un, fill the open space DIAGONALLY, i.e. use for instance the LEFT hole, and the RIGHT Tologh, or notch on the Han.
2: the loop on the sides of the door for the inner Buss is of an exact length: it is wrapped around the first crossing available, and the reaches ALMOST to the second crossing. Then the inner buss is tied trough the loop, and AROUND the second crossing, permanently fixing door to Han. If the loop is longer still, it goes around two crossings and then gets tied.
3: the ribbons/ropes to tie the Han together are spliced FIXED onto the top of the LEFT Han, as seen from outside. They can never get lost!
This reverses the philosphy of the kitchen-Han not having a rope during transport, the other door-Han is without. Alas, no clear picture.