South-Mongolian Ger
At the invitation of our old friend Mash we helped to put up this really old, maybe antique, Southern Mongokian Ger. It is quite different from the modern Mongolian Ger.
The walls are of willow, 15 crossings, with a double curve. Where the upper-outer buss will be, the walls curve sharply OUT.
Un are of Larch, square/rectangular section.
Tonoo is of a combination of many pieces of cut/sawn willow and bent willow-shoots.
The Un are attached permanently to the Tonoo, but can hige. Contrary to the wheel you see in books, and the one we have in Holland, this wheel does NOT divide in two, but only LOOKS like that: the middle horse is twice as thick as the others.
There are (were once) 98 Un, 6 Han of 15 tologh, 8 on the door. Diameter of this Ger is approx 5 meter, wall-spacing about 12 cm between crossings.
Sorry for the unsharpness, Gabriel did his best in this cramped room.
Here is the whole bundle, Un and tonoo standing in the middle.
Clearly visible, willow-shoot-walls with the thick side up.
Middle horse (east-west, the door-Un decide), is double thickness of the others, reminding of the days when wheels were divided into two halves, for ease of transport.
B.Sharav's 'Mongol Zurag' shows in a small corner how the people with camels (i.e. from south-Mongolia) pack their Ger.
We learn something every day:
This ger was delivered with an extra piece of Han, only eight Tolokh wide. It clearly belongs to the ger, but what do you want with extra wall-length if you have already plenty Tologh?
After some experimenting with and without this extra piece in the ger, at dawned upon me: being old, and made of willow, the original Han had worn off considerably: some places the bottom was gone beyond the first crossing from the bottom up; the walls of the ger slowly get lower over the years!
To compensate for this loss in height, they made this extra piece of Han, so the Han are not extended to a full 90 degrees, but little less. The diameter of the Ger is fixed by the length of the Un, so there are more Tologh.
Of course, this gives a messy look with the open spaces in the Un-division, but at least the wall height stays reasonable. After all, the furniture , and especially the Airag-bag must fit in!
Pitching was a bit of a franzy, but we got one clear picture of the felt: nice thickness.
Of course the felt with this Ger is not the original, it was replaced recently to make it more 'presentable'. I think it is not all 'authentic' in cut and the ropes attached to it, but it comes pretty close.